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What Is Whing Golf

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River Forest is currently the first and the only course on the east coast to offer this alternative to traditional golf.  So what is it?  Whing Golf was designed to play just like regular golf. Instead of needing a whole bag of clubs, you only need a Whinger, a putter, and a ball.  The Whinger is designed to fit a golf ball and holds it until it is released when you throw it. 

Here's how it works:
1. Start at the tee and throw a ball using your Whinger.
2. Continue using your Whinger as you progress down the fairway to get to the green.
3. Now that you're close to the green, you can either throw the ball on the green using the Whinger or throw it with your hand. 
4. Once on the green, you putt just like regular golf. 

The best part of Whing golf is that is doesn't have any physical limitations and can be played by everyone!

Contact the Pro Shop at 724-295-2217 for more information.
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